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What did you miss at INCOBRA webinar #1: INCOBRA Stakeholder Group, what's in it for you?

INCOBRA webinar #1 introduced project objectives, targets and actions to potential INCOBRA STK Group members, and outlined a first set of opportunities.


  • Posted on: May 02, 2016
  • Belgium


On April 29th 2016, INCOBRA consortium has run its first webinar (first of 10 online events) dedicated to those organizations interested in this support action encouraging bilateral cooperation between R&I actors in Brazil and the European Union, fostering and implementing activities agreed within the BR-EU Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Building upon a stakeholder-driven approach, INCOBRA is consolidating a Stakeholder Group which will be actively involved in the project activities. Therefore the first webinar has been designed to introduce project objectives, targets and actions to potential INCOBRA STK Group members, and outline a first set of opportunities .

During the webinar, attendees heard from André Barbosa, SPI (Coordinator of INCOBRA project) and Philine Warnke, Fraunhofer.

Presentation 1: INCOBRA What is up for stakeholders? André Barbosa

The presentation highlights project objectives, main activities and upcoming opportunities for stakeholders. Regarding the STKs opportunities we report below the most relevant ones:

  • “Green card” for all INCOBRA events
  • Possible financial support to attend events – upon invitation of INCOBRA consortium
  • A dedicated space in INCOBRA web-based information system
  • “Priority access” for the Bilateral R&I cooperation networks supported by INCOBRA
  • Increasing the visibility and impact of your activities
  • Almost never-ending opportunities for cooperation and engagement with other stakeholders

Presentation 2: First activities, Philine Warnke

Anticipating trends, opportunities and risks in certain scientific sectors and preparing Brazilian and European organizations to make the best value of cooperation to address those trends, opportunities and risks is one of the key objectives of INCOBRA project. The upcoming activities open to INCOBRA stakeholders respond to this goal, namely these are:

  • Open consultation to collect ideas on future BR/EU cooperation areas from a broad range of stakeholders
  • Analysis of existing R&I cooperation patterns and cooperation barriers
  • Analysis of trends opportunities and risks perceived in Brazil and Europe
  • Strategic Foresight Workshops to reflect on these trends and identify possible shared R&I responses (Nov 2016 and January 2017)
  • Foresight report with Brazil/EU win-win cooperation “hotspots“ (February 2017)

The webinar was attended by 45 participants from Brazil and different EU Member States, representing a wide spectrum of R&I actors (Universities, Research Centres, Incubators, Networks, Association, Companies, Funding Agencies etc.).

If you are interested in learning more about INCOBRA Webinar #1 have a look to the webinar recordings:

You can join the INCOBRA STK LinkedIN Group at any time:

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