INCOBRA - Increasing International Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Brazil and the European Union

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INCOBRA impacts will help inducing institutional change at the policy and programme levels of the BR-EU R&I cooperation leading to:

  • Enhanced framework conditions (the “enhance” dimension of INCOBRA overall objective) to deploy R&I activities in cooperation encouraged by an enhanced policy dialogue, with decision-making and implementation procedures building upon evidence-based information.
  • Enhanced funding landscape, with increased matchmaking of programmes and with further R&I funds available for BR-EU cooperation.

INCOBRA results will help inducing behaviour change at the R&I actors level, leading to:

  • Increased cooperation patterns (the “increase” dimension of INCOBRA overall objective) based on new or existing networks, supported in their development and expansion;
  • Focused cooperation activities (the “focus” dimension of INCOBRA overall objective), based on the exploitation of emerging opportunities, trends and drivers of targeted R&I topics by BR-EU R&I actors in cooperation.