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Brazilian Association of Technological Research and Innovation Institutes

ABIPTI is a nonprofit association that gathers and represents public and private institutes of scientific research and technological development.

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Brazilian Association of Technological Research and Innovation Institutes
  • Brazil

Contact: +55-3348-3131,

Contact Person: Arij Chabrawi,

Post Date: Jul 28, 2016

Founded in 1980, the Brazilian Association of Technological Research and Innovation Institutes is a nonprofit association that represents public and private institutes of scientific research and technological development. It has 157 Associates/RTOs (Research and Technological Organizations) from all five regions of Brazil.

Its mission is to represent and promote the participation of Brazilian RTOs on establishing and implementing public policies for the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation.


  • Agência Gestão C&T: News agency about the STI sector with daily information about public policies in text, audio and TV Web formats. The website has more than 14.000 visitors per day;
  • Gestão C&T: Electronic newsletter sent twice a week and has currently about 15.000 readers. Among them, managers from STI sector, parliamentarians, students and researchers. It disseminates the main facts and news from this segment nationwide;
  • Parliamentary Front for Science, Technology, Research and Innovation:  ABIPTI coordinates the actions of this group that aims  discuss scientific and technological issues providing a liaison between Parliamentarians and scientific bodies, science-based industry and the academic world;
  • Training Courses:
    • Postgraduate course oriented  to form innovation and technology diffusion agents, with 360 h;
    • Training Course in Project Development and Fund-raising in ST&I: From Theory to Practice (40H).
  • Excelência na Gestão: It´s a program that aims improve management practices in Research and Technological Institutes and lead them to become more competitive.

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