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Porto Digital

Porto Digital is a technology park located in Recife, Pernambuco, which operates in the creative economy and information technology.

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Porto Digital
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Contact Person: Joana Sampaio,

Post Date: Jul 28, 2016

Porto Digital is a leading technology park and innovation environment in Brazil and a public policy reference for economic and social development. Located in Recife, its main areas of action are software and information and communications technology services (ICT) and Creative Economy (EC), with emphasis on game segments, multimedia, film-video animation, music, photo and design. More recently it added a third axis of action: technologies for cities, focusing on promoting the improvement of quality of life in cities, through the use of technologies such as internet of things and digital manufacturing.

Recognized for its unique territoriality of technology parks, Porto Digital is an urban and open park installed in the historic center of Recife, with a total area of 171 hectares. The region that was earlier degraded and of little importance to the local economy, has been reclassified continuously in urban terms, real estate and recovery of historical heritage buildings from the foundation of the park in 2000.

Porto Digital is the result of coordinated action between government, academia and business, a reference in the application of the "Triple Helix" model. This initiative has provided the necessary conditions to make your environment become one of the main innovation habitat of the country.

Porto Digital is currently home to around 260 companies, development organizations and Government agencies and more than 8,500 workers. Since the end of 2015, the park has also been operating in the city of Caruaru, in the Agreste of the Estate.

Type: Science park | Scientific field: ICT | Geographical focus: International