INCOBRA - Increasing International Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Brazil and the European Union

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2nd Report on the Implementation of the EU Strategy for International Cooperation and roadmaps (2016) is out!

The EC's second progress report shows how EU international research cooperation helps reach solutions to global challenges.A focus on Brazil.


  • Posted on: Oct 17, 2016
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The European Commission has recently released the second progress report on the implementation of the EU Strategy for International Cooperation.

The progress report highlights European efforts to improve the policy and framework conditions for worldwide cooperation in research and innovation. 

As mentioned in the report's conclusions: "Openness to the world remains a strategic priority for the EU, as it is essential for excelling in science and technology, getting research results to market faster and creating new business opportunities for R&D-intensive industries. It is also crucial for contributing to solving global societal challenges and for allowing the EU to have a leading voice in global debates and developments". 

The report also states that S&T policy dialogues and cooperation roadmaps shall continue to serve as a basis for priority-setting in Horizon 2020 programming. It is indeed possible to check the updated cooperation roadmap with Brazil, which highlights cooperation priorities: see pages 14-16 of Priorities for international cooperation in research and innovation. Accompanying the document "Implementation of the strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation"

The report also shows how the experience gained in policies to build the European Research Area is used to shape interactions in an international context. It helps the EU to advance the vision of a 'Global Research Area' where researchers are able to work together smoothly across borders, and where researchers, scientific knowledge and technology circulate freely. The most recent example of facilitating researcher's mobility is the agreement signed on October 13th by Commissioner Moedas to stimulate scientific exchanges between the Brazilian National Council of the State Funding Agencies (CONFAP) and the European Research Council (ERC).

Over the past two years clear progress has been made towards achieving the objectives of the strategy, but more needs to be done to tap the full potential of the 'Open to the World' policy priority. 

INCOBRA project is part of this wider framework, as it aims to focus, increase and enhance Research & Innovation (R&I) Cooperation Activities between Brazil (BR) and European Union (EU) R&I actors, so that both regions get the best value out of the mutual cooperation.

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