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List of selected bilateral cooperation networks_INCOBRA

Results of the final evaluation for the INCOBRA Call for EU-BR Bilateral Cooperation Networks


  • Posted on: Apr 08, 2018
  • Spain
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Year of publication: 2018

Website: Link

Following a second external evaluation and subsequent review by the EC, we are pleased to announce the 5 bilateral Networks that have been selected for the INCOBRA Call for Bilateral Networks.

  1. STI-net - Brazil-EU sexually transmitted infections network
  2. PEARL – Precise position Estimation for Applications in Real-time at Brazilian Latitudes
  3. NANO-NOCMAT - Nanotechnology principles applied to agro-industrial wastes and by-products for improved performance of nonconventional materials and sustainable housing 
  4. NIUMAR - Network on Intelligent Urban Mobility and Accessibility Research
  5. BMMO - Beneficial Microbes of Marine Organisms Network


Type: Cooperation Platforms, Databases | Scientific field: Marine research, Bioeconomy, Health, ICT, Nanotechnology