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Call for Travel Vouchers to attend INCOBRA Brokerage Event Brazil

Attend ANPEI Annual Conference in Belo Horizonte & join our B2B session on Advanced Manufacturing and Nano materials


  • Since: Aug 07, 2017
  • Deadline: Sep 20, 2017
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Contact: Arij Chabrawi,

Post Date: Aug 07, 2017

The second INCOBRA brokerage event will be organised in Brazil during the 16th ANPEI Innovation Conference under the theme “Living Innovation in an Evolving World”, Expominas, 31/10 to 01/11, 2017.

During the Anpei Conference, INCOBRA will run:

  • B2B / B2I meetings to exchange and explore new cooperation opportunities in one of the priority areas emerged from the BR-EU policy dialogue;
  • Parallel Sessions to disseminate the Cooperation Scenarios;
  • Plenary to raise awareness on the Horizon 2020 and its opportunities: Launch of the new H2020 Work Programme by the EU Delegation to Brazil.

Based on the results of the previous Workshops with BR-EU R&I actors, INCOBRA has developed thematic Cooperation Scenarios to fostering cooperation patterns in five different hot topics: Sustainable Bio economy, Smart Cities, Advanced Manufacturing and Nano materials, Green Energy and Food Security.

The Brazilian edition of INCOBRA Brokerage event will be focused in only one theme in order to strengthen and increase the opportunities of identifying cooperation actions: Advanced Manufacturing and Nano materials

INCOBRA will support interested organizations, directly involved in creating or promoting innovation, from both EU and Brazil by providing limited travel vouchers, enabling their participation to the conference. INCOBRA has therefore a limited amount of financing available to support matchmaking and networking between EU and Brazilian institutions with the aim of:

  • Scouting and building stronger and long term partnerships between European and Brazilian R&I players on priority areas of the EU-Brazil bilateral policy dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I).
  • Promoting the EU-Brazil cooperation opportunities for R&I players and relevant funding mechanisms.
  • Providing visibility to high potential growth companies from Europe and Brazil, interested in going international.

INCOBRA will provide travel vouchers to a selection of Brazilian and European organizations.

  • Ten European innovative organizations can get reimbursed up to a maximum of 1400€ each for their travel and accommodation costs.
  • Ten Brazilian innovative organizations can get reimbursed up to 400€ each for their travel and accommodation costs.
  • Full participation to Anpei Conference programme free of charge.

Grant will be available as expenses reimbursement.

Specifications about the costs that can be covered with INCOBRA travel vouchers:

Air travel: Economy class fares on the basis of the shortest and most economical fare available;

  • Local travel: Airport – Hotel ; Hotel - meeting venue
  • Staying: Up to 2 nights in hotel.

Check out the full call text here

Interested organizations directly involved in creating or promoting innovation need to fill in their Expression of Interest by 29 September 2017 (11.59 pm BR).

Please access the Application Form here:

The application needs to be written in English (as the selection process will count with European evaluators).


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