INCOBRA - Increasing International Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Brazil and the European Union

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Funding is a key successful aspect for the cooperation between Brazil and the European Union in Research and Innovation (R&I). To encourage cooperation between BR-EU R&I funding actors and to foster coherence and coordination on R&I funding schemes are part of INCOBRA´s specific objectives.

Aligned with such relevance and with these specific objectives, this section will present a general overview of funding programmes both at the European Commission level and at the Brazilian level. INCOBRA will promote information dissemination, awareness-raising, capacity building and networking on Horizon 2020 and Brazilian R&I programmes and funding opportunities.

This section will also inform and promote the INCOBRA activities specifically related to funding coordination. Building upon a Funding Agencies Platform and related activities, INCOBRA will recommend specific policy, legal and institutional measures to tackle the funding-related challenges and set concrete Guidelines for R&I Funding Support Alignment.

Finally, and not less important, this section will identify and promote specific funding opportunities and calls opened within Horizon 2020 and BR programmes duly disseminating and describing them with detail in this section.

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